Non-invasive body scanning

Medical Thermography

Non-invasive body scanning

Are you in pain or discomfort?

Have you had tests which didn’t show your pain or discomfort?

Do  some people think your pain/discomfort is all in your mind?

Thermography is a totally painless, non-invasive procedure

Medically proven for early detection of diseases

Clients welcome throughout East Sussex and Kent – we currently have two clinics; one in Eastbourne and one in Maidstone.

What is thermography?

Medical Thermography is safe for men and women of all ages and for children. It creates a digital map of your body and temperature patterns and it is here that any abnormalities can show up. Inflammation is the first sign of disease and early detection may help to prevent associated health conditions from developing.

Medical Thermal Imaging is a preventative screening procedure; it can give you critical insights into how your body is functioning and can detect early danger signs. This type of scan, using state-of-the-art technology, visualises your pain and can detect anything suspicious that may be happening to your body.

No GP appointment or referral is required.

  • Completely safe
  • No radiation
  • Non-tactile
  • Non-invasive
  • Can be used for the whole body
  • Affordable
  • Helps detect disease at an early stage
  • Results within 48 hours

Inflammation over the right kidney

Breast Cancer in men

Thermogram Clinics held at:

Eastbourne Natural Fitness Centre
Royal Parade,
East Sussex
BN22 7AQ


For appointments at both clinics please call 07738 495450


Southcote Proactive Healthcare
3 Sittingbourne Road
ME14 5ES