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The practitioner – Wendy Calver – is professional and reassuring, giving clear instructions and explanation of the procedure. I found Thermography very useful in terms of discovering and confirming areas of concern and for taking forwards to further treatments. In my experience Thermography is particularly beneficial for those concerned about continuing musculo/skeletal problems.

Diane, Eastbourne

I went for my thermogram feeling a little uncertain about what it would be like. It was a cold day, I had recently put on weight and both of these facts made me feel hesitant about having to take my clothes off for the scan. I need not have worried as Wendy conducts the whole process with professionalism and sensitivity. She made sure that the room was at a comfortable temperature and reassured me that I did not have to spend all of the scan time with nothing on. Although you do need to expose each area as it is scanned, the whole process is conducted in a very sympathetic manner.

The scan itself was fascinating. I had a previous diagnosis of a neck and shoulder problem but was experiencing pain in many other parts of my body which were unexplained. The thermogram “lit up” all the places that hurt and this gave me the push to ask for further investigation of possible causes.

Shirley, Sussex

:“Having breast cancer has been life changing for me in many ways, taking full responsibility for my health is now paramount. I would urge any person interested in taking their health seriously book to see Wendy. She has a friendly yet professional manner and her relaxed, kind personality ensures you feel safe in her hands.”

Mrs B, Sussex

“I went to have a body scan with Wendy Calver and found it a very interesting experience which gave me great peace of mind. Wendy is warm, discreet and friendly and immediately put me at ease during the scanning process. It is an easy treatment with a fast turnaround of the results and suggested follow up. I can highly recommend Wendy.”

Lesley, East Sussex

I booked a appointment with Wendy for a full body scan. She was very professional and quickly put me at ease and explained the process.

I actually received my scan results back two days later which was amazingly quick. After reading my results by email I was surprised at the amount of detail shown in the report. I spoke further with Wendy to get more advice about the findings within the report; her nursing background was invaluable at this point and Wendy was further able to reassure me.

I made an appointment with my local doctor to seek a referral, after showing him the report he was happy to send me for a Dexa scan, which I then had two weeks later. I was given advice as to how to improve my condition both now and for the future.

I had also been seeing an osteopath recently about a back and neck problem; he was also very impressed with my scan and agreed with the diagnosis.

I would thoroughly recommend that everyone has a thermal scan to check their health and turn back the clock before it’s too late.

Mrs N, Sussex

I am so pleased I had a full body scan with Wendy Calver. She is a highly trained and experienced nurse and medical thermographer. Wendy made me feel completely at ease during the scanning process and the results came through really quickly. I really recommend having a scan done. It definitely gives you peace of mind and is completely safe and unintrusive!

Clare, Sussex

I am so grateful that I no longer have to take invasive and painful mammograms. Instead I chose to go for annual thermogram.  What I love is that the thermogram is non invasive and records inflammation spots. These inflammation spots are early warning signs helping us to detect potential danger sites way before they are uncovered by traditional checks years later.

I did a lot of research before I decided to go this route.  I am not wealthy by any means, but at age 65, spending money on health is rapidly becoming my no. 1 priority.

Wendy is not just a trained thermographer, she is also a fully qualified nurse. She will take you through this gentle procedure and answer any questions to put you at ease. The images are sent off for evaluation by a team of medical doctors specially trained in thermology and come back with recommendations The recordings were 100% accurate in terms of my known hotspots – knee arthritis, weak ankles and also pointed out other potential dangers I was not aware of. As a result I am undergoing more thyroid tests and took a full abdominal check.  I now know how to deal with what’s going on from an alternative preventative perspective.

I highly recommend using thermograms to check your breasts in the very least and the whole body if you can. Currently, Wendy is the only person offering this innovative service in Eastbourne.

Sunny Peta Heskell
Yoga Teacher and Somatic Life Coach – Eastbourne

For appointments at all clinics please call 07738 495450
email: info@bodyscanning.healthcare

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