Monday 1st  April 2019, 7pm – 9pm

Friends Meeting House, Wish Road, Eastbourne BN214NX

What is Thermography and how can it help and protect you?

When it comes to health more and more people are looking for natural ways to improve it, maintain it and diagnose potential problems. We all know that many treatments can be toxic but some diagnostic procedures can also do more harm than good. So it’s refreshing to find an investigatory procedure that can pick up problems in the very early stages, which is completely harmless and non-invasive – The Thermographic Body Scan.

Wendy Calver, RN is a certified Clinical Thermographer. She has been a registered nurse for over 35 years and has also studied reflexology and Reiki during that time. Wendy has always enjoyed using natural therapies to look after her own health and that of her family. She had a thermographic scan a few years ago, could see the many benefits, and decided to become a Clinical Thermographer so that she could continue to help people in a different way.

This Investigatory procedure has the unique ability to pick up the nervous system’s projection of disease, alerting an individual to a problem in their body. A non-contact digital infrared camera captures and records temperature variations on the skin. While it doesn’t diagnose cancer, it can detect increased blood supply (as found in cancers) called angiogenesis. It is well documented in all fields of medicine that the earliest detection leads to the best outcome. Thermography can detect early danger signs in the body years before other devices. In many diseases there are variations in blood flow which in turn affect the skin temperature. Thermography enables earlier intervention and gives people more options to look after their health. Clinics in East Sussex and Kent.

Admission on door:
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