Medical Thermography

Non-invasive Body Scanning

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Do you suffer from pain or discomfort?
Have you had tests that didn’t reveal the cause of this pain or discomfort?
Do some people think this pain or discomfort is all in your mind?

Then maybe a Medical Thermography scan could help.

Medical Thermography is a highly effective digital infra-red scanning process that can be used for early detection of diseases, by visualising heat and inflammation. This type of scan, using a digital infra-red camera, can give you critical insights into how your body is functioning and can detect early danger signs. It is a non-invasive screening procedure that causes no harm or discomfort – it’s just like having your picture taken – with no injections, radiation or compression. It can be used, for any part of the body, by men and women of all ages, as well as for children, and is safe in pregnancy. It provides tangible evidence of undetected illness for further investigation and ultimately peace of mind.

Our Scans

Clients are welcome at our clinic in Eastbourne without a GP referral, although children up to the age of 18 need a GP or consultant referral. Our scans are completely safe, radiation free, non-tactile and non-invasive. With a range of scans available, medical thermography can help detect disease at an early stage and with results available within 3-5 days, Body Scanning can provide peace of mind for your health and wellbeing.

No GP appointment or referral is required

  • Completely safe
  • No radiation
  • Non-tactile
  • Non-invasive
  • Can be used for the whole body
  • Affordable
  • Helps detect disease at an early stage
  • Results normally within 72 hours

What People Say …

“I went to have a body scan with Wendy Calver and found it a very interesting experience which gave me great peace of mind. Wendy is warm, discreet and friendly and immediately put me at ease during the scanning process. It is an easy treatment with a fast turnaround of the results and suggested follow up. I can highly recommend Wendy.”
Lesley, East Sussex

I had my first breast scan with Body Scanning this year. What an amazing service! Wendy is professional and friendly and the scanning is a super quick, easy experience. The results are through in just a couple of days and are very comprehensive.

I’ll definitely be following this route again with annual scans. I would highly recommend this service.

Sue, Northampton
“Having breast cancer has been life changing for me in many ways, taking full responsibility for my health is now paramount. I would urge any person interested in taking their health seriously to book to see Wendy. She has a friendly yet professional manner and her relaxed, kind personality ensures you feel safe in her hands.”
Mrs B, Sussex
“I am so pleased I had a full body scan with Wendy Calver. She is a highly trained and experienced nurse and medical thermographer. Wendy made me feel completely at ease during the scanning process and the results came through really quickly. I really recommend having a scan done. It definitely gives you peace of mind and is completely safe and un-intrusive!”
Clare, Sussex

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